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What is the JOST Certificate for Prospective Studies (JCPS)?

The JCPS is the certificate that certify that your study has been developed prospectively. When you get the JCPS, you can put the register number of the JCPS on the manuscript of your paper regardless the journal whereby your are going to publish, and that means that your work has been registered on our databases and the method has been followed correctly according with the planning of the study


What is it important?

Prospective studies have a higher value on the methodology, and it is important to reflect it in the works. Our journal offers this service with two main objetives:

  • To asses the authors of the work at the beginning of their project to avert methodology errors, and to rectify it before they start to work

  • To certify that the work has been developed according with the plan, defined before the study.

This certificate validates that the objectives prior and after the study haven’t changed, and manifests that the methods haven’t changed during the work, which is one of the most frequent causes of methodology errors nowadays.

How does it work?

If you want to get assesment and the JCPS, you must fill this form and to send it to

We will study the methodology and we will contact to you to propose changes to improve it, and we will keep the work until you will finish it.

Once you will finish it, you must contact us again to explain our results, and if the methodology defined at the form and the manuscript are equal, we will sent your the JCPS

If you have further questions, you can contact us with the contact form.

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